Report of Corruption

Higher education is one of the essential components of social and political transformations, , which directly affects the development of democracy and creates preconditions for economic development. The ongoing degradation of academic integrity has manifested itself in various forms of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and fraud, nepotism and interest groups in higher education, as well as undeserved advancement to senior academic titles. In order to apply a strategic approach to combat corruption and manage integrity in an efficient way, it is necessary to understand corruption, be able to detect and define particular forms of corruption. Within the framework of this project, we have worked to prepare a Practical Guide for the Prevention of Corruption in Institutions of Higher Education, across all three countries. The  Guide aims to tackle corruption prevention by providing legal knowledge and making students aware of their rights and obligations regarding the reporting of corruption cases at their University or Faculty. The guide introduces us to the mechanisms available to students and how to use legal instruments in order to report, prevent, treat or punish cases of corruption. The Guide has been drafted in a way that is easily readable and implementable. It’s been organized in sections covering the following:
  • Usefulness of the guide
  • Explanation of corruption in higher education
  • Target Group for the Guide
  • Forms of corruption in higher education institutions
  • Steps to take when confronted with forms of corruption
  • Practical advice for institutions of higher education on how to prevent corruption in education
Each Guide, while following the same organizational principles, has been tailored to the context of each country. Read the guides here

About Us

Welcome to the Corruption Free Universities project, working tirelessly to transform higher education in Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia. Our mission is crystal clear: to champion the rule of law, instill effective administration of justice, and eradicate corruption among students and university staff.