Working Breakfast with MPs organized in Skopje

On February 28, 2024 within the framework of the project “Corruption Free Universities
in Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia”, ISIE has organized an informal working meeting with six members of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia (Parliamentary Commission for Education, Science and Sports). During the meeting, the findings of the “Study on Corruption Perception in Higher Education in Albania,Macedonia and Serbia” were presented and discussed. In addition, a Member of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and the Secretary General as well as representative of the student organizations and representatives and the project partners from IDRA (Albania) and CESID (Serbia) attended the meeting.
Apart from that, potential parliamentary initiatives aimed at improving the system for protection against corruption in higher education have been discussed.
Similar events will be organized in March in Belgrade and Tirana. “Corruption Free Universities in Albania, N. Macedonia and Serbia” Project is supported
by the Regional grant of the “SMART Balkans – Civil Society for Shared Society in the Western Balkans” regional project implemented by  Centar za promociju civilnog društva (CPCD)Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) and Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign
Affairs (NMFA).

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