The workshop took place on October 16th in collaboration with the University of Tirana. The workshop saw active participation from various representatives, including those from the Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Foreign Languages, as well as individuals from the Audit Office, Human Resources, Project Coordination, Finance, Protocol and Archive, and Coordinators specializing in the right of information. The workshop, moderated by the project assistant of Albania, featured valuable insights from attendees who shared their experiences with whistleblowing cases and reporting practices. National Expert Ms. Dodaj provided comprehensive training on the requirements and procedures related to whistleblowing and the proper handling of reporting cases. In the second section of the workshop, Ms. Rovena Pregja, the representative from the Ministry of Justice, conducted training on the preparation of Integrity Plans for Faculties and Universities. She shared the approved methodology focusing on corruption risk assessment and mitigation measures, integrity plan development, and in-house monitoring of identified corruption risks. In the report prepared by this project, a key recommendation was provided, advocating for the implementation of Integrity Plans within universities in Albania. Recognizing the significance of this recommendation, IDRA took proactive steps by reaching out to the Ministry of Justice. The objective was to extend an invitation to the Ministry to participate in an upcoming workshop, where the focus would be on addressing and discussing the specific recommendation outlined in the project report. The final section of the workshop included the presentation of two case studies. Participants worked collaboratively in groups to propose solutions based on the topics outlined in the agenda. A noteworthy observation from the workshop was the identified and articulated need for training among university administrative staff concerning whistleblowing cases and reporting practices. This finding underscores the importance of addressing this specific aspect in future training sessions.

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